Guitar Interviews

Kendall Schmidt of Heffron Drive – An Introspective Look into Parallel!

Posted April 14, 2014

Kendall Schmidt, star of Nickelodeon’s hit television series, Big Time Rush, has just released his first single; “Parallel” from his new band Heffron Drive with guitarist Dustin Belt.

Guitar Lessons

Foggy Bottom Break Down Video Lesson

Posted January 12, 2014

Foggy Bottom Break Down is an etude from a few years back. I wrote it for my students to help develop left hand strength and independence. The discipline is maintaining the bass line on strings 5 and 6. Including double stops, rapid changes between finger groupings, and some decent stretches too.

Guitar Reviews

Review: Last Chance Jazz by the Dan Krimm Ensemble

Posted April 11, 2014

Dan Krimm’s Last Chance Jazz, released in 2013, is an archival live recording of his quartet from 1993 at the Kampo Cultural & Media Center in New York City. The group features Krimm on the fretless electric bass, Mike Foster on tenor sax, Rolf Sturm on electric guitar and MIDI guitar synthesizer, and drummer Rich Mercurio.