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1 Easy Exercise That Will Greatly Increase Your Guitar Chops Today

Posted June 12, 2012

It’s almost inevitable that as guitarists we want to be able to play fast at some point when learning how to play the guitar. Whatever style of music you play, there’s no denying that it’s impressive to pull out fast licks here and there, not just to impress our audience but to also express ourselves in our playing.

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Book Review: Tony Bacon Presents The Guitar Collection

Posted January 8, 2020

Leave it to author and guitar aficianado, Tony Bacon, to come up with a very cool book on vintage guitars with a 3D-ish orange and turquoise cover textured with a guitar sound hole and six string that readers can strum. One nice add would have been to embed some electronics so they were also a tuner, but then anyone who wants more from Tony’s tome might be considered greedy.