NAMM 2012: Odds and Sods I

By: Staff

This year’s Winter NAMM was a huge whirlwind of action, new gear, celebrity sitings and we were shooting whatever grabbed our attention as we struggled though the crowd. You might expect NAMM to be a stately set of exhibits of music instrument companies and their reps glibly showing off their latest stuff. But, that’s only part of the story this year. There were parties; concerts; and an enormous crowd of gear gawkers in the aisles that we had to wade through and squeeze through to get shots. Here’s a group of photos we took on the run to give you a feel for the mix of eye candy at NAMM 2012!




Rikki Rockett

Black Veil Brides Mural


Blackstar amps


Bobbi Dall of Poison


The Coffin Girls


The Dean Girls