Review: RUSH Clockwork Angels One of This Year’s Strongest Releases

By: William Clark

Rush is one of the world’s most easily recognized and infamous progressive rock bands to ever dominate the world.

Their music is instantly recognizable amongst their undying and ever growing fanbase, between Alex Lifeson’s intricate guitar riffs, Geddy Lee’s powerful vocals, the masterful percussion work by Neil Peart, and their overall futuristic sound.

After 44 years and 20 studio albums, the Canadian progressive rock trio returned to the music world this year with their new album, Clockwork Angels, which has proven to be one of this year’s strongest releases.

The new album shows the members of Rush at the top of their game, with even more expansive guitar playing becoming one of the highlights of the album, along with a noticeably heavier sound.

Almost immediately, fans young and old ran, picked up the guitar and began a new endeavor: to master the powerful riffage slathered across Rush’s new album.

This would prove to be very difficult for even the most determined of attempts. But, one of Alfred Music Publishing’s latest releases might just be the perfect solution.

The Rush: Clockwork Angels Guitar Tablature Book takes you note for note throughout the entire album, and is the ultimate guide to mastering Rush’s newest masterpiece.

Whether it’s the mind boggling riffs to “Headlong Flight”, the complexity of tracks such as “BU2B”, or the soothing chord patterns in “The Garden”, this book proves to be the perfect companion.

Alfred Music Publishing truly did a solid job when it came to releasing this tablature book. They didn’t just simply print out each song note for note, but took the time and effort to bring the masterpiece of Clockwork Angels in physical form.

Vivid  illustrations, as well as a storybook-like forward describing Rush’s own point of view behind each of the songs, are glamorously brought to life in this tablature book, which only makes this release that much more worthwhile to own.

For that multi-instrumentalist looking to tackle and master an album filled to the brim with challenging bass solos and intricate instrumentals, the bass tablature book also would prove to be an indispensable accompaniment.

Between it’s dead on accuracy and quality craftsmanship, this songbook is worth it’s weight in gold, and is a definite must-have for any Rush fan.

Format: Songbook

Original Release Date: June 2012

Label: Alfred Music Publishing


1) Caravan

2) BU2B

3) Clockwork Angels

4) The Anarchist

5) Carnies

6) Halo Effect

7) Seven Cities of Gold

8) The Wreckers

9) Headlong Flight

10) BU2B2

11) Wish Them Well

12) The Garden