Review: Van Halen’s A Different Kind of Truth Tab Book

By: William Clark

Five words: A Different Kind of Truth. Although having already given a magnificent 2007 reunion tour, the almighty Van Halen’s true return finally came around this year with their first new studio album in over 28 years with the just-as-legendary David Lee Roth on lead vocals.

Arguably, the greatest comeback album in rock and roll history, A Different Kind of Truth picks up immediately where Dave and the boys left off back in 1984.

It is difficult to find the words with enough power to accurately describe how fantastic this album turned out! Dave’s powerful, in-your-face charisma has returned stronger than ever, along with the masterful percussion work of Alex Van Halen.

There’s also the new dynamic of bassist and backup vocalist, Wolfgang Van Halen, who’s become a major benefactor to the dangerous levels of ‘80s nostalgia found throughout all thirteen tracks.

Perhaps the best feature of the new album is the musical re-awakening of the one, the only, Eddie Van Halen. A Different Kind of Truth features some of the most elaborate, expansive, and simply wowing guitar playing that Eddie has passionately poured into a single album.

Dominating guitar solos, ground breaking new guitar techniques, and mindboggling riffs are definitely in surplus. You simply can’t resist the overwhelming urge to grab a guitar and jam along, even though for most of us, cracking the EVH riff code can be a tough one.

Fortunately, one of Alfred Music Publishing’s newest releases just might be the ultimate deciphering tool.

The Van Halen: A Different Kind of Truth Guitar Tablature Book is the official guide to mastering the multiple layers of intensity found in the new album. Its note-for-note accuracy provides guitarists with some major first steps towards flawless playing along with the record.

Everything from the dizzying chord patterns and tempo changes of “As Is” to the accuracy given alongside the electrifying two-handed intro to “China Town” makes this book indispensable.

This book also tells it’s us about the guitar effects used during each song, which is essential information for the musician looking to discover a few of the secrets behind Eddie Van Halen’s world renowned sound.

The publication quality that comes along with this release is another great, noteworthy feature. There are hand-drawn lyrics and pictures by David Lee Roth that have been enlarged to help give this tablature book a retrospective look and feel.

These images help give us insights into the meanings of certain songs, helping bring this outstanding album to life.

From the faultless note-for-note transcriptions to the superb final touches, the Van Halen: A Different Kind of Truth Guitar Tabluature Book offers a fine collection of tabs for the most discriminating Eddie Van Halen wannabe.

  • Format: Songbook
  • Original Release Date: May 6, 2012
  • Label: Alfred Music Publishing


1) Tattoo

2) She’s The Woman

3) You and Your Blues

4) China Town

5) Blood and Fire

6) Bullethead

7) As Is

8) Honeybabysweetiedoll

9) The Trouble With Never

10) Outta Space

11) Stay Frosty

12) Big River

13) Beats Workin

One Comment

  1. Rob (3 years ago)

    …you mean there are guitarists out there who AREN’T Eddie Van Halen wannabees?!

    Haha! Just kidding! It can be very difficult to find an accurate tab book- even the official ones have parts that don’t seem to make much sense.

    I like the idea of adding information on effects and song meanings to the tabs, though! Really interesting idea.