Motley Crue: Saints of Los Angeles Tab Book Review

By: William Clark

Following the release of their now classic debut album, Too Fast For Love, back in 1981, Motley Crue quickly rose in both worldwide popularity and rock and roll fame.

Between the dynamic singing style of prestigious frontman Vince Neil, and the electrifying riffage cranked out by axeman Mick Mars, such party anthems as “Dr. Feelgood”, “Wild Side”, and “Girls, Girls, Girls” instantly became timeless rock and roll hits.

In 2008, the Crue would return to the music world with their first studio album in eight years, Saints Of Los Angeles, which almost immediately renowned this band’s allure and demand. Except for a noticeable yet enjoyably heavier sound, Motley Crue’s comeback record maintains all of the elements that made their earlier tunes heavily circulated classics.

Aspiring musicians around the world picked up their own guitars and desperately tried to match the head spinning soloings and riffs roaring at them through the speakers, and for the most, to no prevail.

For the at-home axeman looking to flawlessly play alongside the record, please pay your attention to the Motley Crue: Saints Of Los Angeles Tablature Book. This book prominently provides note-for-note accuracy for all 13 awe inspiring new tracks proudly featured on the disc, which is always something to look for when deciding to pick up a new tab book.

But despite the perfectionistic transcriptions, is there really any other reason to go out and buy this for yourself?

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Well, for starters this tablature book features the pedal settings and various tunings that Mick experiments with during each song. The production quality is another noteworthy feature.

Everything from storybook-esque illustrations of the band to some creative flip-book style artwork definitely makes this much more than your everyday, ordinary music book.

Overall, the Motley Crue: Saints Of Los Angeles Tablature Book is a standout release from Alfred Music Publishing that any guitarist could benefit from checking out.

  • Format: Songbook
  • Original Release Date: September 1st, 2008
  • Label: Alfred Music Publishing


1) Face Down In The Dirt

2) What’s It Gonna Take

3) Down At The Whiskey

4) Saints Of Los Angeles (Gang Vocal)

5) MF Of The Year

6) The Animal Is Me

7) Welcome To The Machine

8) Just Another Psycho

9) Chicks = Trouble

10) This Ain’t A Love Song

11) White Trash Circus

12) Goin’ Out Swingin’