The On Demand 800 Kent Armstrong Hotline

By: Staff

Guitar pickup aficianado, Kent Armstrong, in his workshop.

George Dassinger Creative tell us that if you Google the name “Kent Armstrong,” a number of musician and instrument inquiries are posted. One asks, “Does anyone know how to get in touch with master pick up maker Kent Armstrong?” Another throws out a question that only an artisan like Kent could answer accurately. These “unanswered” online posts have existed for some time but now that has been remedied. WD Music Products has instituted an “800 Kent Armstrong Hotline” and “email center” that will link customers on demand.

The (800) 449-2171 Kent Armstrong hotline is not merely a personal tech support line. It also doubles as a custom sales line which will expedite customer orders rapidly and efficiently. Add in the “email center” – and – and the customer-connect is a dial or click away.

Kent Armstrong and WD Music Products have been working on the hotline and email center for some time. It has taken months to organize Kent’s world-wide handmade and manufactured pick up businesses. In order for a toll-free line and email center to work best, everyone had to be on the same conference call and email page.

According to Larry Davis, VP/WD Music Products, Kent runs a small pick up company really which requires lots of hands-on attention and design work on his part. Unfortunately, the PR end of Kent’s business has been lacking and sometimes, in years past, has taken a backseat to the nuts and bolts end. We are changing all that and in order to assist Kent, we have established a ‘call center’ and an ‘email center’ to better address the immediate and at times complicated responses Kent gets. It’s a done deal and we think we are on the right track.

The (800) 449-2171 number is direct line to Kent Armstrong and (with some support from WD Music Products) Kent intends to respond accordingly. Years ago, a (800) number like this was more of a sales tool but with the technology available today, Kent Armstrong becomes truly voice and email accessible” – any day, any time.

Kent Armstrong is currently celebrating his 40th anniversary. Kent and the products that bear his name are considered (by many guitar enthusiasts) to be one of the best you can buy. In regards to pick ups and the overall science of the electric guitar, Kent Armstrong is an ultimate source of knowledge. WD Music Products is making that source available like never before.