Complete Idiot’s Guide to Guitar Exercises Excerpt and Audio Lesson

By: Staff

When I first picked up Hemme Luttjeboer’s new book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Guitar Exercises, I have to say that the title made me a bit skeptical of the contents waiting within. As is often the case, maybe far too often in my circumstances, I hastily judged a book by its cover, and was therefore pleasantly surprised when I opened this six-string tome to find a treasure trove of exercises for guitarists of all levels, backgrounds and musical tastes.

The book begins, well, right at the beginning with instructions on how to hold the guitar properly, read TAB and chord charts, and how to properly go about strumming the instrument. The book then leads readers through chords, scales, patterns, technical exercises, fingerpicking and more, as it presents pretty much all of the information one could need to make the transition from a beginning to intermediate player.

But this book isn’t just for the uninitiated player, far from it. Any of these exercises, especially the ones designed to increase finger dexterity and strength, can easily be applied to any intermediate, or even advanced, player’s practice routine. By simply cranking up the metronome a few notches, any player can find enjoyment and a challenge in these often simple, yet highly effective, finger workouts.

Author Hemme Luttjeboer was kind enough to provide our readers with a sneak peak of his book by allowing us to give away his lesson, pdf and audio, on chord inversions. To check out the lesson, download the files from the links below. Enjoy!


Click to Download The PDF for the Home On The Range Inversion Lesson

Click to Download the Audio for the Home On The Range Inversion Lesson

Peter Frampton With Author Hemme Luttjeboer

Peter Frampton With Author Hemme Luttjeboer


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    I really liked the Home on the Range. I hope I can buy here in Japan