Sheryl Bailey For all Those Living CD Review

By: Vince Lewis

For All Those Living

Sheryl Bailey: For All Those Living

It is always a pleasure to receive new material from an established artist, although I do enjoy new musicians and experiences as well. Watching familiar players as they develop, mature and change with the times is truly fascinating.

Sheryl Bailey is a fine and polished guitar player with a nice rich tone. On For All Those Living, her phrasing and note selection is a cross between mainstream and more modern. Bailey’s compositions have a solid direction and harmonic structure. The melodies are clear and memorable, and her solos follow through the chord changes perfectly.

This CD is a collection of original material, on which she is joined by the members of her current working quartet. Jim Ridl (Piano), Gary Wang (Bass) and Shingo Okudaira (Drums) are all veteran jazz musicians and fine soloists as well. The obvious benefit of recording with the regular group is the excellent musical interaction and cohesiveness.

Selections include “An Unexpected Turn,” “For All Those Living,” “Masa’s Bag,” “Wilkinsburg” and “For a Russian Princess.” There is a very pretty tribute to our mutual friend Jimmy Wyble, entitled “A Muse Sings.” Jimmy’s passing was a loss to all who knew him, but his influence on so many players will allow him to live forever.

For All Those Living is a mix of swing and more contemporary styles. As always, Sheryl Bailey is a joy to hear, and her voice is a strong one in the Jazz Guitar arena.