Oblivious Signal Releases Brand New Video for The Inflicted Shame

By Staff

Florida based Melodic Metal band Oblivious Signal recently released their new video for the song “The Inflicted Shame.” Check out the video below as well as a sneak peak behind the scenes with the band’s guitarist Nick Orisino and vocalist Cristina T. Feliciano.

“We are very excited about the video and want to thank all who were involved in its creation. And thanks to the sun for making me look like a lobster for a few days following the recording!” – Nick Orisino

“Filming the video was a really intense experience for all of us, on a lot of levels. We broke into the bus we filmed some of the scenes in. Our manager, the infamous John Tovar, distracted the venue management while we filmed outside it and graffitied the gangsta bus, a huge staple in the Miami culture, tagged by every gang in Miami. Our tag was bigger as you can see it in the video background.

We all forgot to bring a radio so we had to blast the music from my car and drive it as close to the scene as possible. The production crew was awesome to work with. The fight scene took 20 takes in the video…completely real in case anyone is wondering. I think I may still have the door handle from that scene imprinted on my back. We all ended up with sunburns from the 97 degree scorching heat.

The guys were awesome and great troupers. Bryan McCoy filled in to play drums for us, and did an excellent job. We really appreciate everyone who helped us make this video bad ass.” Cristina T. Feliciano

YouTube Preview Image