Guitar Around the Web: Week of September 27, 2010

The weekly guitar roundup is Guitar International’s chance to spread the word about guitar related articles from around the web that we’ve enjoyed over the past seven days. Here are ten guitar articles from across the blogosphere that caught our attention during the week of September 13th, 2010.

Also, don’t forget to check out GI’s series of interviews with Jimmy Page, great player and very cool interviewee!


  1. Classical Guitar Blog: I have to tell him where each left hand finger goes and and on what string. He’s a helluva a good student and works incredibly hard. Teaching him has given me a lot to think about. Specifically, what exactly do we take for granted when reading music off the page? How many little things do we miss because we’re used to them?…Three Important Things to See
  2. Lone Guitarist: Besides writing blog posts, I enjoy reading posts from other people’s guitar blogs, or guitar-related articles from other sources on the internet. I usually read for inspiration, entertainment, or to educate myself about some aspect of guitar playing…Guitar Gems, Insights, Tips and Lessons: Volume 1
  3. Fretterverse: Ever since starting Fretterverse I’ve been on a constant lookout for new and interesting products. There are so many guitar blogs out there that get all of the cool gear shipped to them for review, and I get left out in the cold…P-Whammy: The Next Generation Tremolo
  4. Gear Vault: Taylor Guitars has been successfully producing its Baby Taylor model for almost 15 years, so it’s safe to say that it’s an unqualified success. But the folks at Taylor just can’t leave well enough alone, and so when they approached the idea of re-imagining a smaller guitar, they kept the twin pillars of the Baby’s winning architecture in mind: portability and great sound…Taylor GS Mini Hands On Review
  5. Guitar Lifestyle: is selling Eric Johnson’s 1962 Stratocaster, which is the Strat that Fender used as the basis for the EJ Rosewood signature series guitars…Eric Johnson’s 1962 Strat for Sale
  6. Guitar Noize:
    It’s no secret that I’m a big Joe Satriani fan, he has probably been the most influential guitarist to me over the past 20 years and I always look forward to hearing new music so I was very excited when my promo copy arrived this week. The most exciting thing about Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards is that it comes at a very interesting time in Joe’s career, for the first time Joe is now the guitarist in a Rock band, Chickenfoot which has changed the way he approached this album…Review: Joe Satriani “Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards”
  7. Guitarkadia: The version we know was rush released in 11 July 1969 to coincide with the Apollo 11 landing; the recording was kicked around with different producers. An earlier version was used in his promotional film “Love You till Tuesday” (pioneering EPKs?). Did you know YES keyboardist, Rick Wakeman, played mellotron and piano on this song?…One Oddity Two Versions
  8. I Heart Guitar: I’m sure Jason Becker has touched the lives of many of you like he had mine – I couldn’t possibly count the number of hours I spent listening to X Ray Eyes, Drop In The Bucket, It’s Showtime, Speed Metal Symphony… Well here’s our chance to give something back to Jason by helping to fund a film about his life and how freaking inspirational he is. Details below. Follow the link to donate to the film’s production costs…Jason Becker Film in Works and You Can Help
  9. Muzicosphere: I know some will think that I’m just jealous because I don’t even have a smartphone… Some will even think that I’m an old fashion kinda dude… Let me tell you that you are totally wrong! Fact is: I want to have a smartphone but can’t afford one yet, and as a former scientist I am totally fond of technology, and innovation. Yet, iGuitar (cr)Apps and that kind of stuff are really annoying the hell out of me!..Smartphone Apps & Guitar
  10. The Guitar Column: Have you ever wondered what Carlos Santana would sound like if he had to go back to playing covers in clubs, taking requests written in a smudgy scrawl on the back of a bar napkin, or humoring the punter in the back yelling out for Smoke On The Water for the fifth time that night?..Carlos Santana’s “The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time”

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