Guitar Around the Web: Week of September 6th, 2010

The weekly guitar roundup is Guitar International’s chance to spread the word about guitar related articles from around the web that we’ve enjoyed over the past seven days. Here are ten guitar articles from across the blogosphere that caught our attention during the week of September 6th, 2010.

Also, don’t forget to check out GI’s recent series of articles by HP Newquist (interviews with Jimmy Page, Van Halen, Zakk Wylde and many more), great reads from a great writer!


  1. The Lone Guitarist: Let me emphasize again that these are ideas. Slash uses these to create that unique feel to his solos — they essentially define his style of playing. You can view them as `tools’, or ways to approach specific areas or notes on the fretboard….Slash Lesson: Three More Lead Playing Ideas
  2. Effects Bay: For my recording studio I found I wanted to keep all my effects hooked up so that I had access to them at all times! Sounds easy, but careful thought had to go into the set-up! In order to have true by-pass, I would need a switcher that could work with 25+ pedals… That was NOT going to happen, so I needed to do some homework……Pedal Line Friday: Joe Bear
  3. Classical Guitar Blog: Last night (9/11/2010), I had the opportunity to see Eliot Fisk in concert. It was an interesting experience: I’ve seen very few of the “old guard” of classical guitarists. Certainly Eliot Fisk plays differently than many folks, but one thing is certain: the man has a huge stage presence and he owned the hall last night….Elliot Fisk Concert Review
  4. Fretterverse: I’m one of “those” guitar players that gets off on hearing great guitar rhythm playing/comping than a great solo. Especially in regards to jazz, comping and playing the right notes and chord voicings is where it’s at. There is nothing like hearing a new chord underneath a nice melody line in a ballad that sends shivers up my spine….Jazz Guitar Harmony by Jody Fisher
  5. I Heart Guitar: When Dino Cazares left Fear Factory in 2002, the band carried on without him. It was a messy split and it seemed nobody could ever imagine him returning to the fold. Even less likely was the prospect of Fear Factory carrying on with an entirely new rhythm section, especially given the respect given Raymond Herrera in metal drumming circles. Yet in the spirit of the band’s whole cyber-techno-deconstructionalist ethos, in 2009 Fear Factory tore itself down and built itself back up. This year’s Mechanize is a brutal return to form that sees Dino and vocalist Burton C Bell join forces with Strapping Young Lad rhythm section Gene Hoglan and Byron Stroud. Fear Factory are returning to Australia this month to perform some shows with Metallica, so I started my chat with Dino by asking about Fear Factory’s association with metals’ most high-profile ambassadors….Interview with Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares
  6. Guitar Noize: I love Elixir strings, they last forever and I use them exclusively on my Suhr because it means I don’t have to change my strings for about 2 or 3 months. The only reason I ever change them is because I either start to wear through the coating with my pick (I use a heavy gauge pick) or because I just feel guilty that I haven’t changed the strings for a long time. Check out this press release from Elixir:…Elixir Strings Announce the Pro Pack
  7. Guitar Messenger: Sultry. Spicy. Rich. Exotic. No, I am not talking about your mother. I’m talking about Jazz standards in minor keys. Though they make up a smaller percentage of the Jazz repertoire, minor tunes add a great variety and sound to any performance, album, or jam session. Even if the tune you are playing is in a major key, there’s probably at least a hint of minor in there. And if it’s Jazz it’s probably got a ii-V in it. This article will focus on playing over a ii-V progression in minor keys….The Almighty ii-V-I Part 2: Minor
  8. Guitar Friendly: How are the scales coming? This week we pass the half way point of our journey to learn all major scale positions across the fretboard in all twelve keys. If you’re jumping into this lesson mid-ways through, you might want to consider starting at the beginning with learning your C major scale positions. …A Major Scale Positions
  9. Gear Vault: The Mesa Boogie Lonestar amplifier is a diverse piece of equipment that works with a wide range of musical styles, including blues, rock and acoustic types of music. The Mesa Boogie amp comes equipped with solo and reverb settings, as well as clean distortion features. There are several features that make this guitar amp well worth the investment….Mesa Boogie Lonestar Guitar Amp Review
  10. 300 Guitars: A quick video tour of the brand new Russo’s Music at 639 Cookman Ave in Asbury Park, NJ. Scott Engel is the store manager so come on down and pay him a visit..!! Great store..!!!…Russo’s Grand Opening